"Philidor is a wholly unexpected but ravishing delight, coming as he does after long periods of studiously formal French court music. This is Paris not Versailles: intimate, colourful, unorthodox and as brilliant as a shaft of sunshine cutting through a day of cloud. The music is full of uncloying sweetness, unlaboured grace and unforced elan vital, and it's played to joyous perfection by the virtuosi of Ars Antiqua who hit every note with such sympathetic warmth that you feel they must all have known Philidor personally. We can all do with happy surprises and this delectable music, superbly interpreted is one of the best you'll ever have."

- Simon Schama, Art Historian & Presenter of BBC Documentaries

"Music, performers and space fit perfectly together for a memorable concert in the Austrian Embassy atrium. Fine soloists in program of seventeenth-century Austrian works..........amazing melodic configurations and subtle but gutsy bowing.......pungent clarity........glorious show of poly-choral splendor. All in all, a brilliant occasion."

- Washington Post

"My enthusiasm stems from the fact that this was not one of those correct but oh-so-stiff early music performances but was filled with spirit and vitality throughout. These musicians undoubtedly understand the proper performance practice well enough to let go and give pleasure through their craft."

- Francis Brancaleone, Gannett Papers